Public Art Portishead Quays The Lady Sings, Michael Disley Flying, Lucy Glendinning Fallen Nails, Cod Steaks Ship to Shore, Jon Buck Gates and Fencing to Portishead Primary School, Matthew Fedden When Shall We Three Meet Again...?, Robert Stuart Clamp
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Cockayne, Angela - Forge Projects
Artist's Statement – relating to Portishead Quays artwork:

Sculptural Garden A sculpture garden using pictograms to create a simple visual narrative connecting people with place. It is intended to be a place of leisure and reflection; with an educational element responding to the history of the site intended to promote an initial interest and engagement with the locality.

The artworks form a history path, much like a maze. Interweaving paths make up a figure of eight knot, referencing the site's nautical location and the site's surface area.

The garden reveals aspects of Portishead, such as shipping, industry, recreation, wildlife, geography, culture, etc.

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Career Highlights:

Thematically my work deals with the poetics of objects and materials and the implication of inherent meaning.  My work explores the relationship of image and object and the context in which and how it is placed.  My work is equally located on the floor or wall mounted.  I regularly work in multiple objects, where collectively individual works may transform their meaning.  Mostly my work is presented as installation.  I work in a variety of materials; wax, ash, lead, chocolate, bronze, pewter, jam etc.

Sculptural GardenThe focus of my work is based on the transfiguration of the sign.  Exploring memory and association.  I am concerned with the transformation, of the sign into object.  I use a range of materials which are predominantly cast, a recent project combined chocolate and bronze to translate a sign which would hover between real and constructed, real life and artifice.  The work is intended to challenge the notion of authenticity and multiple realities.  I hope to construct a narrative, which interrogates personal and cultural identity.  In transforming symbols and signs, official becomes personal, public, becomes private and new readings question meanings and our associations.  My work explores a poetic association of a generic sign in relation to individual responses and context.  The signs/symbols are transformed through process, material and location, which invert or relocate their meaning.  Juxtaposing a relationship between individual, local, national and global consciousness. 


2005   RUH BathSculptural Garden

2004   St Paul’s Cathedral, London

2004   Jerwood Space, London Any day now

1999   Forge, Bath Flourish


2004   Public Sculpture The Forum Bath

2005   Public Sculpture Port Marine Portishead