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Cod Steaks in Portishead…

Cod Steaks have brought their trademark sense of fun and magical illusion to the public art trail.  The giant ‘Fallen Nails’ wittily references Mustads Horse Nail factory, one of the town’s founding industries, its playfulness appealing to adults and children alike.


Splash Splash

Cod Steaks’ second artwork ‘Splash’ is a wacky sculptural intervention which floats on the water in the area’s newly developed Nature Reserve.

Based in Bristol with links to the Arnolfini, Spike Island and numerous other arts initiatives, Cod Steaks has over 20 years experience in realising cutting edge ideas and delivering projects with uncompromising vision. Our talented designers and artists have created pieces for both the public and private sectors; from highly acclaimed emotive murals for Bristol's Royal Infirmary to a fully working giant 70s clock for Glasgow's city centre, Cod Steaks has the passion and energy to embrace any creative challenge.

Working procedures

We feel that whether a piece is a children's interactive, traditional sculpture or conceptual (or a mixture of all three!), art should be hard wearing as well as beautiful.  Our aim is to design pieces which appeal to all ages and communities and we like to get local groups involved; after all it is they who live with the art long after the installation team has left.  Local ownership and pride in their artwork encourages people to look after the art and the space in which it is housed.

Cod Steaks has an eclectic client list from brand giants Coca Cola and Kellogg's to prestigious institutions such as the Bristish Empire and Commonwealth Museum and the ss Great Britain.  We have done work in hospitals, gardens film studios, exhibitions spaces, shopping centres and private homes, each piece unique to its space and the people who inhabit it.

The team

Codsteaks Cod Steaks is made up of sculptors, painters, designers and illustratos as well as a comprehensive technical crew of CAD operators, fibreglass fabricators, carpenters and jointers. 

We currently have a core staff of 12 and employ additional freelancers as and when required.  Some staff continue their own art practice while employed at Cod Steaks although for many, the opportunity to be involved in making art ona regular basis within a company (and on a regular salary!) means that they can develop their creative skills while remaining in a 'safe' environment.

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