Public Art Portishead Quays The Lady Sings, Michael Disley Flying, Lucy Glendinning Fallen Nails, Cod Steaks Ship to Shore, Jon Buck Gates and Fencing to Portishead Primary School, Matthew Fedden When Shall We Three Meet Again...?, Robert Stuart Clamp
creating places out of spaces

"Public Art integrated into the extensive landscaping has helped to create a unique and special place to live, here at Port Marine, Portishead." Richard Briggs, MD, Persimmon Special Projects Western

"I think instead of someone saying they live in number 53 Burlington Road, they can now say I live in the one with the sculpture of the hockey player. The landscape offers the opportunity to create a sense of place." Mark Hallett, Project Director, Crest Nicholson

Arch of Angels, Rick Kirby

The Programme embraced a shift in ideas from art in a public place to art as public space, and explored public art and its relevance to 'place making'. These are some of the views on 'place making' put forward by participating artists: 

"Art identifies a space because it is all different. You could say to someone 'I'll meet you by the tall, rusty leaning thing' or 'I'll meet you by the...', or 'We live by the...'. It makes marks and markers for people in what is a very big complex. Of course there are street names and numbers, but the art turns it into a far more interesting place in which to live." Ann Christopher, Artist

Stuart Clamp Stuart Clamp    

 "Certainly what I do is not quite the same as installing a piece of sculpture where you turn up and pop it in - it inhabits a space. It's much more about making a place than just being put in a space as it were." Matthew Fedden, Artist 

Car Park Grilles, Matthew Fedden School Fence, Matthew Fedden

    "A bit like when you stick a pin in a glass that crystals grow on, these are things that stick in and are indeed landmarks and people create an identity around them." Matthew Fedden, Artist

"Artworks act as focal points and highlight areas as well as giving thoughtful, contemplative meaning to spaces." Marianne Forrest, Artist

Marianne Forrest  

"The work provides a focal point for the space, as well as being a meeting / destination point. Neither the space nor the work dominate each other." Rick Kirby, Artist

"I think in the 'sculpture trail' the history of Portishead has in a way been 'set in stone' and adds to the atmosphere and enjoyment of the new development - they're interesting, thought provoking." Rick Kirby, Artist

“A sculpture becomes integral to a place not by going unnoticed, but by making a strong statement; standing out and challenging the viewer.  A piece should bring freshness and enliven the space in which it sits whilst having an element of inevitability about it, as if its destiny is intimately linked with its destination.” Lucy Glendinning, Artist

Lucy Glendinning