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Glendinning, Lucy
 About flying...


Flying"I wanted this sculpture to reflect the feel of the site, to give the sense of scale that being by the sea gives us, the feel of the wind and its effect.  The impression of freedom and power the sea lends through its elemental force, as well as being a point of travel and adventure.  

The flying figure gives the sculpture a gravity-defying energy, an uplifting and celebratory sense which communicates a conscious or subconscious confirmation of human achievement.” 

Lucy Glendinning

About the artist...

Lucy Glendinning"Thought provoking, under their gleaming patinas, Lucy Glendinning's sculptures have an infectious appeal and boundless vitality. Based on the human form, often presented with some humorous lines of verse, Lucy plays with different materials, textures and effects, always sensitive to the volume and mass of her figures. She evokes an air of serenity and tenderness, even in her action pieces, controlling movement by a subtle balancing of planes, whilst emphasizing muscular tensions. She brings her work into a personalised environment, inviting the onlooker to admire and absorb their beauty." Sarah Royston

Unversity of the West of England, BA Hons, Fine Art (1983-6)
Worked as a mould maker for Elizabeth Frink (1987 - 89)

Lucy Glendinning1991 Touring group exhibition 'Parts of a whole' Hartlepool, Newcaslte and Durham
1992 'British American Arts' Association Conference group exhibition - New York
1993 'Young Artists of Fame and Promise', Beaux Arts, Bath
1994 Solo exhibition, Beaux Arts, Bath. Ghent Arts Fair, Belgium.  Group exhibition, Stansell Gallery
1995 'Art 95' Islington, London, 'Sculptors of Fame and Promise' summer exhibition, Beaux Arts, Bath
'Lineart 95' Design Centre, London. Ghent Art Fair, Ghent
1996 'Art 96' Islington, London. Summer exhibition Cambridge Contemporary Art. Summer exhibition, Beaux Art, Bath
1997 'Art 97', Islington London.
'Sculptors of Fame and Promise' Beaux Art, Bath. Summer Exhibition McHardy Sculpture Company, London. Exhibited Millfield Open. Autumn Exhibition, McHardy Sculpture Company, London. Mixed exhibition, The British Work House, Dallas, USA.
1998 'Young British Sculptors' Beaux Art, Bath. 'Spring exhibition' McHardy Sculpture Company, London.
'Sculptors of Fame & Promise' Beaux Art, Bath. 'Christmas Exhibitoin' McHardy Sculpture
1999 'Young British Sculptors' Beaux Art Bath.
'Christmas Exhibition' McHardy Sculpture Company, London
2000 'Autumn Exhibition' McHardy Sculpture Company, London
2001 'Three Generations of Sculptors' Beaux Art, Bath. 'Diverse' Mark Jason Fine Art, London
2002 'Art 2002' Islington, London. Olympia 2002, London. 'Artlondon', Chelsea London
2003 Millfield Open, commended prize. 'Artlondon' Chelsea Mark Jason Fine Art. McHardy Sculpture Company Christmas Show
2004 Spring Exhibition Beaux Art, Bath. Cannes Art Fair, France. Art for Offices, 'Artlondon' Mark Jason Fine Art

Public commissions
1990 Chase Manhattan bank, sculpture for the Watershed Media Centre, Bristol
1991 Residency in Hartlepool as member of the visual ars team, for dockland development, Hartlepool. Teeside Development Corporation and Partnership Arts Ltd
1992 Eccles borough council, feasibility study and proposal for public sculpture for Eccles, Manchester.  Partnership Art Ltd & Thwaites Brewery feasibility study for redevelopment of brewery complex
1993 Teeside Development Corporation
1994 Sustrans, short listed proposed sculpture for Bristol to Bath traffic free route
1995 Visiting lecturer at the University of the West of England on the 'Art in a Social Context', site specific sculpture course (until 1997)
1996 Devon County Council viewing platform for Teignmouth, Devon
1997 Albright & Wilson, exterior entrance sculpture, Workington, Cumbria
1998 Bristol International Airport, short listed for landmark sculpture
1999 Llandudno Borough Council, & Mr and Mrs Hook, a memorial to Sophie Hook, Llandudno, Wales
2001 South Somerset District Council, 5.5 metre high public sculpture for Wincanton Sports Centre
2002 South Somerset District Council, proposal for public sculpture for Yeovil town centre
2003 South Somerset District Council, Memorial for George Smith

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