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Stein, Matt


About Elemental 

Matt Stein’s current body of work explores an ancient belief in the way the world began.  These sculptural shapes respond to this concept with bold, tight curves that are both positive and negative, exuding holistic energy.  They represent the ‘Birth of New Possibilities’.

The four elements comprising this sculpture are grouped to reflect an aesthetic balance and harmony within the space.  ‘Flare’ stands alone as an entranceway beacon, whereas the grouping of ‘Axis’, ‘Cascade’ and ‘Air’ presents a more interactive engagement for the viewer.

Matt Stein formed Steinworks Sculpture in January 2005. He studied Fine Art at Bristol Polytechnic in 1984-87 and specialised in Sculpture. In 1991-92 he studied an Interdisciplinary MA in Art and Architecture at Canterbury.Matt Stein

Matt experimented with a range of styles and sculptural languages during those study years. He found sanctuary in the realm of meditative environments. Here, he was drawn to constructing both individual sculptures and sculptural spaces, which provoked a sense of calmness and serenity.

During this period Matt exhibited nationally and worked to commission. He has three permanently sited sculptures, which are all on public display.

The past 12 years have seen Matt further develop his design skills whist working as Senior Designer for a world leading Medical Devices company. The requirements here focused his energy on a more functional application of his creative skills.

"If I can make a piece of sculpture that helps me find a quiet place to be in, then I am half way there".

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