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Kirby, Tean
Tean Kirby has created an innovative on-line storybook and puzzle based on the talk of Ned Teach who became the notorious pirate Blackbeard.  The on-line material inks to a quirky sculptural trail and tale of ships, pirates and rats that weaves through Port Marine.  Follow the stories, gather the clues and solve the riddles by visiting the website at

“Port Marine in Portishead has a unique position in the coastal waters around Britain. The deep water channel passes closest to the land and the tidal reach is second highest in the world. These are dangerous waters with a long history of seafaring.
In the 17th century, privateers and adventurers sailed from the Port of Bristol, waited for the tide in the deep water off Port Marine before sailing off to the New World.
If you stand at the coastal edge of Port Marine on a wind swept day, you can feel the untameable wildness and sense the ghosts of those ancient sailing ships. Making real our eternal search for understanding and quest for adventure.
Riddle of the Stones seeks to overlay an imaginary legend of the past to the present day, drawing on all these elements. Using the physical landscape, the real but intangible world of the internet and our own internal imaginary worlds.”  Teän Kirby
Website/email     [email protected]

Artist’s CV

1967 – 1970    BA degree, Loughborough
                      Three Dimensional Design - Ceramics.

1970 – 1983    Established Teona Pottery
                      Making tiles for luxury kitchen manufacturer.
                      Studio potter with retail outlet in Bristol.

1984 - 1995    Member of Portishead Town Council.
                      Served on board of Portishead Youth and Community Centre.
                      Chair 85 –98
                      Chair of Portishead Partnership
                      Founding member Portishead in Bloom Committee.

1991 & 1996    Chair of Portishead Town Council

1995 - 2006    Worked within the NHS  Mental Health, co-facilitating Art Therapy and Art & Craft groups.

2006 - 2009    Main area of work again with Teona Pottery working from
                      studio making ceramics and running clay workshops.
                      Exhibiting throughout Bristol and North Somerset