Public Art Portishead Quays The Lady Sings, Michael Disley Flying, Lucy Glendinning Fallen Nails, Cod Steaks Ship to Shore, Jon Buck Gates and Fencing to Portishead Primary School, Matthew Fedden When Shall We Three Meet Again...?, Robert Stuart Clamp
why public art - the artists' case

The Port Marine project offered artists an opportunity to reflect on the location:

Knightstone Project

"I'd designed the piece with the knowledge that it was going to relate to certain things. Part of the reason it leans is because everything is upright and I wanted to put in a bit of movement." Ann Christopher, Artist

Towards the Sky, Ann Christopher

Ann Christopher created the programme's first sculpture 'Towards the Sky', installed in 2001. Her 5.5 metre high artwork fabricated in rust coloured corten steel was inspired by the old lock gates.

For others the project enabled an exploration of stretching the boundaries of 'where' art can be viewed in everyday society:

"It makes a refreshing change to have artists as a fairly decent sized part of what is going on. I also like the idea of work being outside a gallery context." Jason Lane, Artist

Jason Lane

As part of Year of the Artist 2000, Jason Lane undertook a residency in an old warehouse, transforming scrap metal into a range of weird and wonderful artefacts from funtional seating to operational robotic creatures.

Artists could also focus on the way in which they engage with communities and the different roles they may adopt in their practice.

"The first challenge was to do something meaningful with the school which would stimulate them and allow them to explore what artists do and what artists are..." Matthew Fedden, Artist

Gates and Fencing to new Primary School, Matthew Feddon  

Matthew Fedden created vibrant gates for the new primary school on the edge of the site.

"I worked with the local community designing the six pieces, which was very important to the success of the project. I have always worked with communities when producing art works."
Michael Disley, Artist

National Nautical School, Michael Disley

Michael Disley has created a number of figurative stone sculptures, inspired by fragments from the town's rich nautical history.

Michael Dan Archer undertook significant community consultation in the research phase of ‘Full Fathom Five’, his breathtaking tribute to seafaring -  past, present and future.

Michael Dan Archer