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Arts & Business -

Arts & Business"Arts & Business is delighted to support this major public art commission for Portishead through our New Partners investment scheme. We applaud the partnership between Crest Nicholson and North Somerset Council, and welcome the involvement of a wide cross-section of the local community in realising the project."

James Taljaard, Business Manager, Arts & Business

Arts Council England / Public Art South West - /

Arts Council England"Public Art South West promotes the engagement of artists in the creation of built and natural spaces and champions the role of artists working as 'visual engineers' within multidisciplinary teams, enabling them to be involved in the conceptual thinking and design of new places. The way in which North Somerset Council has encouraged new development to work closely with artists and leave space for them to think creatively with regard to public art opportunities, it to be welcomed and we are pleased to be able to assist and support this growing area of expertise within the Council."

Maggie Bolt, Director, Public Art South West

Continuum Arts.....

"We support the notion that Public Art can contribute to and enrich local distinctiveness and identity, ensuring a cultural and historical legacy for future generations.

By engaging professional artists, designers and craftspeople to demonstrate their skills and vision to respond in a site sensitive way, we aim to improve and enhance the quality of social space (public realm) making it integral to the living experience. Central to this strategy is the interaction of the community with the arts to engender a sense of ownership. Dialogue is at the heart of the process with a Steering Group made up of stakeholders playing a key role in inclusivity and participation. Through this approach we aim in a real sense to create unique and visually stimulating places.

Continuum Arts Consultancy seeks to advise on and take responsibility for the organisation, integration and management of all aspects of the Public Art Strategy, extending our commitment to creating quality artworks integrated into public spaces at Portishead Quays.

People not Public / Homes not Houses / Place not Space"

Stuart Clamp, Continuum Arts.....

Crest Nicholson -

Crest Nicholson "Crest Nicholson (SW) Ltd is committed to the regeneration of brownfield sites and has demonstrated this in urban renewal schemes throughout the SW. The importance of public art has grown to become a major element in our urban design strategy and an essential ingredient in place making. It has promoted a better understanding of our developments with local communities and stakeholders assisting the fusion of old and new. It has created very positive press to help with the promotion of these flagship developments."

Paul Talbot, Design Director, Crest Nicholson

Knightstone Housing

Crest Nicholson"As part of the new developments at Port Marine, Knightstone is providing 81 homes to rent and 33 for sale. We were delighted to hear about the public arts project and keen to ensure that residents and shared owners alike have the opportunity to contribute towards and enjoy the art in their community."

Adrian Oldman, Commmunications and PR Manager, Knighstone Housing (Arcadia Housing Group)



Lovejoy Landscape Architects -

Lovejoy Landscape Architects "Lovejoy has thoroughly enjoyed working with a broad spectrum of artists on the design of the public realm at Port Marine. Early collaboration and an inclusive approach has resulted in Public Art that is greatly enhanced by its sympathetic setting and a high quality public realm that is enhanced by the quality and appropriateness of the art. This a successful working model that we are looking to replicate on other projects."

Matthew Wigan, Associate Director, Lovejoy Landscape Architects



North Somerset Council -

North Somerset Council"The public art programme associated with the regeneration area in Portishead is one of the most significant in the South West. Public Art is an integral part of the development process and is contributing positively to the establishment of a new but very special area within the town.

The public arts programme and particular works have not only provided 'iconic' images for the developers marketing purposes but also greatly assisted in delivering very distinctive spaces which define the development itself.

The Public Arts Steering Group has provided the ideal platform for a collaborative approach to the selection, briefing, commission of artists and the community outreach programme. The fact that all the key stakeholders are represented on the steering group has enabled the arts programme to move forward with confidence."

Kedrick Davies, Urban Designer, North Somerset Council

Persimmon -

Persimmon "The development of this project is giving Portishead the ability to expand into a 'designation location' within the South West. All aspects of the urban desgin have been considered to give a rich and varied collection of homes, leisure and employment around a vibrant new marina.

We see the public art as a valuable contribution to this integrated approach contributing to both the design and function of the many public spaces being created around the marina, sea front and nature reserve, alongside the open spaces within the development itself."

Richard Briggs, Managing Director, Persimmon Special Projects Western

Portishead Town Council

Portishead Town Council"The rapid expansion of Portishead due to the development of one of the largest brown-field sites in the country brings exciting challenges and opportunities. Although the town has a flourishing community of artists, there is very little tradition of public art.

The creation of public art can have an important role in the integration of 'old' and 'new' residents. A shared experience, which is new to all, can be a major influence in the development of social cohesion. Art is ideal for this, as it can reflect so much history and culture, while stimulating us to view life in a different way.

The Town Council has a responsibility to foster a sense of well-being, and therefore felt it was a good use of its resources to sponsor the programme, in particular the Fragments and Traces project, which has involved community groups and featured in the recent North Somerset Arts Week."

Leader of Portishead Town Council

University of the West of England (Bristol School of Art Media and Design) -

"The University of the West of England’s Faculty of Art, Media and Design sponsored a number of activities ranging from project support, research and documentation to evaluation through their creative urban space research programme.

 As part of the collaboration, an MA Fine Art student, Sally Corney, used one of the newly built vacant homes as a venue for her final show, about memory becoming part of / and being contained within place; a PhD student, Sandra Symes, undertook a review and evaluation of the ongoing Public Art programme, interviewing all the stakeholders;  Elizabeth Turrell the Director of the Ceramics and Enamelling Research Centre led a project with Mencap."

Iain Biggs, Senior Researcher, UWE


This website was written and edited by:

Stuart Clamp, Continuum Public Arts Consultancy
Fiona Matthews, Freelance Arts Consultant

Thanks also to to phd student Sandra Symes for her in-depth interviews with artists, members of the steering group and community representatives, contributing tremendously to the content of this website. Ongoing evaluation of the public art programme was conducted by independent researcher Cathy Mackerras.

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