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New Timelines piece of public art for Portishead

A new piece of public art was installed in Portishead this week. The piece by artist Marianne Forrest is called 'Timelines' and consists of four quarter tonne stainless steel balls and two bronze sail-like sculptures.

TimelinesOne sail, which is set on a compass and parish map of Portishead, dating from 1740, has been installed next to the Parish Wharf Leisure Centre on Harbour Road. It is connected, across The Piazza by the shiny balls, and special blue lights sunk into the pavement, to another bronze sail at the end of the High Street.

The idea of  'Timelines' is to link the old Portishead town centre to the new Port Marine and the Village Quarter developments and also to mark the points of low and high tide.

Both sail-like sculptures were inspired by the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. One sail depicts when the Ancient Mariner intercepts the Wedding Guest to tell his him his tale and the other sail depicts the Ancient Mariner back on board his vessel surrounded by his ghostly shipmates, who are represented in frosted glass.

Artist Marianne Forrest said: "Portishead has got such a big sky, which is what struck me the first time I visited the town. I wanted to create something that would bring that big sky down to earth and that is why I developed the stainless steel balls which reflect the sky and everything around them."

Marinanne has had her work exhibited from Japan to the United States. Much of her work is based on clocks and time. Clocks created by her can be seen in the Royal Automobile Association in London’s Piccadilly, the Virgin Atlantic building and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

'Timelines' is the latest piece to be created under Public Arts Strategy by Persimmon Special Projects Western.

Persimmon's public art consultant Stuart Clamp said the public art in Portishead will eventually form part of a sculpture trail. He said: "Quite simply, this public arts programme is second to none in North Somerset. It will see several more pieces of original artwork being created in the town".

Source: Martin Powell Associates