Public Art Portishead Quays The Lady Sings, Michael Disley Flying, Lucy Glendinning Fallen Nails, Cod Steaks Ship to Shore, Jon Buck Gates and Fencing to Portishead Primary School, Matthew Fedden When Shall We Three Meet Again...?, Robert Stuart Clamp
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Documenting the Process

Early on in the project it was seen as crucial to document the activities, artworks and processes undertaken through the life of the programme. It was recognised as important to leave a detailed record of the project for future reference. This has been achieved in two ways:

1. Publication of a brochure entitled
‘Portishead, Port Marine - Public Art : A Guide’.

This publication contains images of the artworks in situ along with quotations from the artists and references to the ideas behind the artworks and their relationship to Portishead. It contains a detachable easy to follow Map, pinpointing the location of all the artworks. Also included is a set of Postcards for use by the community. The posting of these cards to unknown destinations within the United Kingdom or abroad is seen as an expanding artwork in itself (another strand of the ‘Fragments and Traces’ project.) This publication was printed in May 2009 and distributed freely throughout North Somerset, given to all students in Portishead’s primary schools, and placed in Portishead Town Library. (An interim brochure, which recorded the progress of the public art programme to date, was produced and similarly distributed in 2007.)

Brochure 1 (printed 2007) - click here to download
Brochure 2 (printed 2009) - click here to download

Brochure 1 Brochure 2

"I think in the sculpture trail the history of Portishead has been encapsulated.The artworks add to the atmosphere and enjoyment of the new development – they’re interesting, thought provoking." Rick Kirby, Artist

These brochures were distributed free to the community through public libraries, and all primary schools in Portishead.