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Work of art at the marina

The latest in a series of public works has been unveiled on the banks of the new marina development at Portishead.

Giles Penny's Man and AnimalThe work has been created by Somerset sculptor Giles Penny and is titled Man and Animal. It is made of bronze, weighs two tons and is the latest piece to be created under the Portishead Quays Consortium Public Arts Strategy.

The sculpture has recently undergone a patination process, where it is heated by a blow torch and chemicals are added to give it its distinctive colour and pattern. Portishead Quays spokesman Chris Cain said; "This sculpture is part of a whole series of works of art which have been installed around the site. Man and Animal has been placed next to the lock control building as a temporary measure. Eventually it will be placed in an open space surrounded by trees and seats, which will allow people to stop and admire it."

Giles Penny has displayed his work throughout the UK and is a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors.

Image: Somerset sculptor Giles Penny with his sculpture at Portishead Marina.

Source: Martin Powell Associates